It's been far too long since our last update was posted, and we want our valued customers to know what's been going on. Plenty of rumors have been going around about our company, and Ed's health. Now, you all deserve to know the truth.

There is no easy way to make this announcement. My heart is heavier than you can imagine at having to tell you that Ed passed away on January 6, 2013. Most of you know that he had been ill for some time, but he was adamant in his stoicism, and wanted to keep the seriousness of his condition private.

He was exactly where he wanted to be, at our ranch in the high desert. It was more than a labor of love, it was a privilege to care for him, and I can tell you that he never lost his irreverent sense of humor, and made us laugh more days than not. By his own words, he'd never been so content. (Although that didn't stop him from running the show, he still kept us on our toes and called us to task on a regular basis.)

He knew his time was limited, so he did his best to prepare those of us closest to him for the day when he would no longer be here. He was absolutely clear that he wanted his legacy to continue, which is exactly what we plan to do.

To say that Ed was the creative genius and driving force here at NWL would be a huge understatement. He was the original pioneer of spanking videos; back in the 1970's when the federal government fervently tried to prevent distribution of "pornographic" materials. His perseverance, determination, and openly defiant position against outdated and tyrannical laws helped lay the foundation for change. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for that, and for all that he gave us for so many years.

The loss of such a remarkable man is devastating to all of us. We continue to mourn our loss, even as we restructure and go forward as he envisioned. We're a small, tight-knit and dedicated group, devoted to carrying out Ed's wishes.

We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time, and want to reassure you that NWL will continue as always. It may be a while before we're able to start releasing the hundreds of videos that Ed never got around to editing, but meanwhile, we look forward to your continued business. Our commitment to provide great videos and excellent customer service is stronger than ever.

Last but not least, Ed wanted each of you to know that your support and loyalty to NWL was hugely instrumental in allowing him to do what he did, for as long as he did it. On his behalf, and from all of us here. thank you.