FAQ & Returns Policy

Our hours are 8-4:30PM Monday through Friday Pacific Time. Our distribution or technical department will contact you about your problem or question during normal business hours, Thank you.

Q: What is your returned policy?

Due to possible piracy and illegal copying of disks or files, all sales are final


Q: What information should I give if I need help?

1. The number of the Theater or members gallery if your password/user name is not working.
2. The order number and the number of the download if it is a download problem.
3. Your first and last name.

Q: Why is the user name and password I picked not working?

1. You probably made an error when copying your user name and password from the confirmation page. You should copy and print it so you know exactly what it was when you type it in.
2. Passwords and user names are case sensitive.

Q: Why is the download only playing sound?

A: Because you are using the wrong player. The recommended player is video LAN, There is a free download on the download page. To download the recommended player, go to http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

For questions about the contents of a video or requests to make a specific video available for download or any other questions not dealing with download problems, contact Ed Lee at nuwestleda@gmail.com

All other concerns please contact us at nwltechspt@gmail.com